For Individual Direct Sellers


Have you heard the old adage - You are in the business for yourself but not by yourself?  People in Direct Selling always say that, but do you sometimes feel that you are alone or that you need more support than those around you can provide?  Do you ever find yourself grasping for the right plans to make your dreams a reality?  Do you ever wonder if your dreams can really come true?  Does life get in your way and cause you to lose your focus?  Do you ever feel that your life and your business are whirling out of control?


Let Janice help you with her Individual Business and Life Coaching.  As your personal coach, she will help you balance your life, see the possibilities, create an action plan for success attainment, avoid obstacles, and keep focused.


Do you ever put things off - procrastinate?  Try Janice's Accountability Calls: 8 Weeks to Habit Performing Success.  Share the experience of working with others who also are looking for the structure and support that accountability brings.  Enjoy the interaction and group dynamics that make changing from "I'll do it tomorrow" to "The time is NOW!"  A fun filled and habit forming process.