"I have worked with Janice for years.  She has a tremendous knowledge of the direct selling industry and is able to quickly gain the confidence and respect of field leaders.  I highly recommend her."


   Lane Nemeth

      Founder and CEO - Petlane

      Founder and former CEO - Discovery Toys



"Janice Mazibrook is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with - she really understands this industry!   Her knowledge and training of the basics of the business were a key in helping me when I first started my direct sales business.  She is a wealth of information in training consultants to understand how to grow a team and build leaders.   Many times her advice and direction opened my mind to what I needed to hear to build a successful business.  Her wisdom and coaching still have a positive impact on all of us that have worked with her."


    Teresa Garrison

     The Success Factory 



"I have used Janice's services and worked with her closely for a number of years. Her unique style of training, coupled with her bubbly personality, COMPELS people's attention. Janice's middle name should be "easy to listen to." Janice knows direct sales like the back of her hand, and keys in immediately to what the student needs to learn. Her trainings range from basic to top leadership skills, and she thinks on her feet. My team quadrupled while using her training services! THANK YOU, Janice! :-)"


  Nina Wade

    Leader of a 4 Million Dollar Team!

    Passion Parties 



"I've been in this business a long time, and I have been trained by a lot of people, but my coaching with Janice Mazibrook stands out in my mind as having the most impact on the success of my business.  Janice has this down to earth approach and training style that takes all the "fluff" out....leaving you with REAL advice!  Her support shot me straight into the Million Dollar Club!!"

  Trudy Bates

     Passion Parties Executive Director

     Million Dollar Club